President of Statistics Portugal

Alda Carvalho

Born in Lisbon, 1948, Alda de Caetano Carvalho earned a degree in Economics from ISCEF, at the Technical University of Lisbon. She pursued postgraduate education in Forecasting and Introduction to Linear Programming; Microeconomics; Project Appraisal; Foresight and Organizational Strategy; Acquisition of Goods that are Subject to Price Fluctuations; the EEC’s Agricultural Policy and Portuguese Agriculture; Medium Term Economic Models; Financial Programming and Policy; International Finance; Internationalisation of Financial Markets, etc. She worked as an economist at the Planning Department of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (1972); at the Directorate-General for Planning and Economic Coordination of Mozambique; at the Directorate-General for Trade (1975-82); as an economist at the Central Planning Department (1982-83); as aide to and chief of staff of the Secretary of State for Planning (1984-85); as an economist, director, deputy director-general, and director-general of the Central Planning Department/Forecasting and Planning Department (1986-2005); and as a consultant to the World Bank (1994).