Economist and author of Economy for the Common Good

Christian Felber

He’s a professor of Economics, professional contemporary dancer, writer and lecturer in Economics and Sociology, and specialist in Sustainable and Alternate Economy for the Finance Markets. In 2010 he developed a new international economic model called Economy for the Common Good. He was co-founder of the global justice movement Attac Austria and founder of the Democratic Bank. Since 1996 he is Master in Romance Philology, and studied also Spanish, Political Sciences, Psychology and Sociology in Madrid and Vienna. He’s an independent writer, with 14 published books. He is a professor of Economics at the University of Vienna. In 2009, he co-founded the Austria Movement, and in 2010 he launched the Democratic Bank project. Together with a group of businessmen, he developed the model known as Economy for the Common Good (or Economy for Public Welfare), a theoretical alternative to Market Capitalism and planned Economy. Lifestyle magazine elected him Communicator of The Year in 2010. Felber has been a professional contemporary dancer since 2004. He is also a lecturer and an advocate of the Economy for the Common Good theory.