Consultant, Professor of Regional Planning

Jorge Gaspar

Born in Lisbon, 1942, he is a geographer and an urbanist. He is a professor emeritus of the University of Lisbon’s Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território, a researcher at the Centre for Geographical Studies, a visiting professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and at the Universities of Umeå and Paris X. He earned a Ph. D. from the University of Lisbon (1972), and a postgraduate degree from Lund University. He has coordinated research and applied projects in the fields of Geography, Planning and Urbanism. He is the technical supervisor of the National Spatial Planning Policy Programme – PNPOT. He has published about twenty books and over two hundred papers. He is a full member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, a member of Academia Europaea, and he has been awarded doctorate honoris causa degrees from the Universities of León, Geneva and Évora.