Center of Regional and Urban Development Studies

Sérgio Barroso

A geographer and a city planner with a master’s in Regional and City Planning from the Technical University of Lisbon, he is an expert in the fields of spatial planning and adaptation to climate change, city and strategic planning, and the assessment of public policy and programmes. He coordinated the development of coastal zone management plans for Faial, Ovar-Marinha Grande and Alcobaça-Cabo Espichel, for the watersheds of the lagoons on Pico island and of the Fogo, Congro, São Brás, and Serra Devassa lagoons on the island of S. Miguel. He coordinated the urban systems, housing and facilities components of the revised regional land-use plan for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in 2009. In the fields of urban policy and strategic planning, he coordinated the development of the strategic plans for World Heritage Portuguese Monasteries and the Beira Baixa Urban Axis Network of Cities. He co-coordinated the teams behind the development of strategic city plans for Amadora, Alenquer, Barreiro, Bombarral, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Seia, Tomar, and Trancoso. He has vast experience in the evaluation of programmes and public policy in connection with the 3rd Community Support Framework, QREN and Portugal 2020, having recently coordinated the mid-term assessment of the Regional Operational Programme for the Azores 2014-2020, the Operational Programme for the North Region 2014-2020, and the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Employment 2014-2020.